The Office of General Affairs is to provide good quality, safety, energy-saving and complete management for all the faculty and students as its ultimate goal, including General Service&Construction Section, Property Management Section and Cashier Section,Procurement Section.

   The responsibility of the Office is trivial and complicated. In addition, the fundamental mission of the Office is to serve for all the faculty and students, help promote the affairs of every department, every division and office and teaching administrative affairs and coordinate with them. With service spirit of enthusiasm, sincerity, positiveness and initiative, we hope to achieve the total educational goal of our school. Besides, we carefully plan the campus buildings year after year in order to provide excellent teaching and environmental quality of life for all the faculty and students. On the implementation methods, we should not only follow the related laws regulated by competent authority but also search for performance and make good use of our resources. Therefore, our searching goal is to make good use of our existing manpower, material power and financial resources to gain the most economic benefits.

   To efficiently push forward school administration system, we have already developed a holistic school administration system, mainly including Cashier Check Management System, Conference Room Management System, Electronic Document Management System, and Property Management System. Currently, we have done in full swing for the following systems, such as School Maintenance Management System, Automated Procurement System with Budget Request, Linking to Property Management Accounting System. It is hoped that we can reach the goal of a comprehensive automation and totalization. In the future, the integration of the Office of General Affairs’ operation procedure will be more efficient; meanwhile, we can offer quicker enquiry service for the people who request.

Huang Min-Hsla Dean of General Affairs

 1.Managing the whole General Affairs
 2.Supervising the whole campus matters related to General Affairs
 3.Completing the matters assigned by the person in charge





1.Assisting the Director to manage the whole Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Affairs
2.Completing the matters assigned by the person in charge

Deputy:Lin Huei-Ia


Lin Huei-Ia ext:1702
1.Assisting the dean of General Affairs to manage the whole General Affairs
2.Completing the matters assigned by the person in charge


Deputy:Chou Shu-Hui


YU WAN-JING Assistant ext:1701
1.Assisting General Affairs to promote the businesses of each team
2.Collecting and reorganizing the information
3.Managing web site of General Affairs
4.Managing property in the Office of General Affairs
5.Synthesizing the laws and regulations related to General Affairs

Deputy:Shin Yu-Hsiang